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Classy Window Cleaning Service can handle your entire commercial window cleaning needs. We provide competitive priced solutions to your high maintenance costs with our professional window cleaning services. We specialize in commercial and residential window cleaning in Columbus Ohio, Dayton Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio and the surrounding Suburbs. We find more commercial buildings and home owners are turning to Classy Window Cleaning Service to lower expensive maintenance costs.

For Columbus Ohio window washing bids,we are ready to meet your window cleaning budget. While servicing your High-Rise commercial buildings. Property management companies are hiring classy window cleaning. Cincinnati Ohio

has experienced the classy window cleaning team for Cincinnati commercial window cleaning services. We choose Dayton Ohio for a great city to service High-Rise commercial

window cleaning. "Look up, there are classy window cleaners on our building!!"

  • Large to Small enterprises

  • Corporations

  • Executive suites

  • Banks

  • Schools

  • Stadiums

  • Public arenas

  • Office centers

  • Service centers

  • Hospitals and large institutions.


Our service is prompt and reliable and we guarantee your satisfaction.

We are a small company comprised of responsible employees and management with extensive experience in the window cleaning industry, offering drug-free workers and a high level of service and expertise.

Our expertise is making your windows shine, and we do it better. If you are in the Columbus Ohio, Dayton Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio surrounding suburban area and you have had enough of the ‘Handyman Service’ you have been getting and want a real window cleaning company that’s professional, courteous, and safe, offering top-notch results and focusing on your satisfaction only, contact us for an estimate.

We employ professionals that are trained and competent in all aspects of the IWCA/ANSI I-14.1-2001, the safety standards for our industry. All of our equipment is inspected and reaches above the standards. We do work on some of the most difficult buildings in Downtown Columbus Ohio, Dayton Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio (high-rise window cleaning, office window cleaning). If you have any question about your current window cleaning company’s procedures then you need to call us!

Efflorescence build up is like Cancer to a building. We can remove this problem and seal cracks in your building so you don’t have additional expenses due to expensive tuck pointing in the future. We use environmentally friendly products that not only give you peace of mind but will not damage the surrounding areas of the building. Don’t let your clients see dirty windows in your office! Climbing to any height, we’ll take care of your building most efficiently.


Our expert experience includes hi-rise buildings, tall skyscrapers, sporting venues, such as race tracks, event centers, venues, stadiums and arenas.

  • Weekly services (52 weeks/year)

  • Bi-Weekly Services (26 weeks/year)

  • Monthly Services (12 times/year)

  • Quarterly Services (4 times/year)

  • Tri-Annually (3 times/year)

  • Bi-Annually (2 times/year)

  • Annually (once a year)

We use several methods to achieve a high-quality result depending on the environment, the building and the client. We specialize in commercial ground/route work, pole-, ladder- and belt-work, suspended scaffolding and bosun’s chairs. We also use several different sizes and classifications of lifts to get the job done. Let us solve your high-rise access issues. We can access any building size or height.


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-We offer cleaner windows for longer periods of time.-

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Classy window cleaning for office buildings

Our experienced window cleaning professionals reach to all heights to ensure your building looks the way it should

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We also offer one-time scheduling, special requests, on-demand, and emergency service to all of Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati, Ohio and Suburbs.